Story of Lee’s Place

Lee and Brenda Rabalais

Founded in 2000 by Dr. Brenda Rabalais, Lee’s Place is named in memory of her son Lee, who died at the age of 14 after a long fight against bone cancer. From that life changing experience the idea and passion to honor Lee and to help others in our community was born. Already a therapist, Dr. Rabalais created a center where people can receive quality, licensed, therapeutic services in a warm and nurturing environment.

Brenda purchased and refurbished a beautiful home across the street from Lake Ella in the heart of Tallahassee and with the help of close friends and a small staff Lee’s Place was opened.  The first year was primarily spent reaching out to the community and letting people and organizations know that Lee’s Place was here, with a mission focused on providing counseling and educational services to anyone adjusting to any type of loss, including death, divorce, abandonment, trauma, or a life changing transition. By the second year, Lee’s Place was busy counseling hundreds of children, adults, and families, and the numbers continue to grow every year.

Dr. Rabalais’ vision was always that financial circumstances not be a barrier to receiving quality, licensed therapy for any type of loss, and so all sessions are offered at a sliding fee scale.  Donations and grants help to pay our operating expenses.

Although the genesis of Lee’s Place is the death of a child, our services address the broad spectrum of loss and trauma including;  divorce, abandonment (foster care, adoption, service families), abuse, suicide, homicide, crime, loss of functionality, loss of home or job, long-term illnesses, other life transitions, as well as death, and serves all ages of clients starting at age 4.