The House

Built in 1939 and lived in by the Putnam Family, who owned and operated Putnam Jewelers in Tallahassee, from that time until 1990, Lee’s Place was designed to be a safe and comforting place where our clients can relax and reflect. From the arching doorways to the antique cabinets and fixtures, Lee’s Place is warmly decorated to feel like home.

While waiting for counseling, clients can relax in the living room in front of the antique fireplace. All visitors are welcome to a drink and snack from the kitchen, and each therapy room is decorated in unique and comforting ways. There are play areas for children who are waiting for siblings or parents in session, and all waiting areas have living room style furnishings. Quiet music plays gently in the background creating an overall sense of calmness.
In the children’s therapy rooms, all sorts of toys and coloring activities can be found, including a window-sized chalk board and larger than life stuffed animals. The adult therapy rooms vary from the soft Zen of greenery and small water fixtures to warm colors, bright sunlight, and cushy furniture.
Lee’s Place has expansive gardens that include blooming magnolias, a flowing koi pond, and extensive greenery. You can relax in the gazebo and read a book on the swing or spread out in the sun on the adirondack chairs and feed the visiting ducks and geese from Lake Ella across the street.
The Lee’s Place House is designed for comfort and relaxation to facilitate the work of therapy and healing with ease. We welcome visitors, and often hear from those here for the first time how soothing it is, and the desire to sit for hours.
All furniture and fixtures in the house, the garden and pond,
landscaping and even computer technical support
are provided through donations and in kind services.
We strive for all monies to go directly to services for our clients in need.
Please make a donation today to help support Lee’s Place .
Thank you