Our Services

Lee’s Place mission is two fold: to provide quality therapy for all manner of loss and trauma, and to provide training and education to the community.

We recognize that experiencing a death, divorce, traumatic event, crime, abandonment, or other major life changing event  profoundly affects our lives. We view grief as a natural response to a loss and seek to help integrate loss into the lives of those experiencing it, fostering a new and broader sense of wholeness.

Lee’s Place serves as a preventive program where these intense and overwhelming feelings of grief can be expressed and dealt with in a safe and healing manner for people of all ages and in all environments.

Our services are designed to include all areas of the community: work places, homes, schools, clubs, service organizations, nonprofit organizations,  and any person or group of people experiencing a life changing event.

THERAPY – Individual and Family
Adult, Children ( beginning at age 4 years), and Family Therapy for all manner of grief and loss which may be due to:

  • Death
  • Divorce/Separation
  • Abandonment (i.e. foster-care children, adoptees, children of an incarcerated caregiver, military service personnel family members)
  • Trauma (i.e. victims of crime, including rape, surviving family members of crime victim, suicide, homicide, abuse, sudden or shocking life disturbances, returning military personnel)
  • Anticipatory Grief (i.e. cancer, Alzheimer’s, MS)
  • Loss of Functionality ( i.e. vision,  hearing, bodily functions)Therapy is offered on a sliding fee scale and there is no charge for the initial visit.

At service clubs, schools, in the workplace,  or wherever a group of people wish to learn how to help those who have suffered a loss, or who are themselves in the midst of any life changing experience , the therapists at Lee’s Place provide seminars on site to help work through the process on an as needed basis.

Lee’s Place also provides workshops, training, grief classes and other opportunities to learn more how to help yourself, your friends, your family, co workers or neighbors in times of need.

Lee’s Place offers various training opportunities for the community. Recently offered classes include EMDR ( Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) for trauma and PTSD,  and specific therapy techniques for professional clinicians. Training dates and information is listed on our Events page. Fees vary.

Lee’s Place is proud to announce we are now providing professional consultation to therapists and students. This will be a place where difficult cases may be discussed, ethical issues explored, and feedback/suggestions given.

Individual Consults – $90 per hour by appointment only

Group Consults – $45 per person for 1 & 1/2 hour consult. Groups will be open-ended. Attendees must make an appointment