Presentations/Seminars/Workshops available

Lee’s Place Therapists present to large and small groups and in businesses on a variety of related loss and trauma topics.
Below is a list of the most requested speaking topics

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Grief:  Its symptoms and processes

This is a presentation for most any audience about the myriad ways in which grief affects one’s body, emotions, thinking and spirituality.  We will discuss the normal responses to grief, the social and cultural aspects, as well as ways to respond to a grieving person that may be helpful.


How to help children during stressful times

This talk is for parents who are struggling with how to help their children when there is a tragedy or difficulty in their lives.  This could be a death, a divorce, moving to another city, parental incarceration, etc.  Topics addressed will include:  How much do I tell a child about the situation, how to prepare a child for an upset in the family, what to expect from the child and ways to help and soothe the child.


Trauma in Adults:  Recognizing it and ways to help

This presentation is for any adult who is interested in learning about the effects of trauma which will impact home, work and/or school.  The common symptoms of trauma and some techniques for soothing the symptoms will be discussed.


Trauma in Children/Teens:  Recognizing it and ways to help

This presentation is for anyone working with children/teens:  parents, teachers, mental health workers, etc.  The symptoms typical of trauma, how those symptoms manifest according to different ages, personality types and venues will be presented.  Strategies for dealing  with the child/teen and knowing when to get outside help will be discussed.


Managing Employees in Crisis

We will present common symptoms associated with crisis and trauma and how they often manifest in the workplace.  Suggestions for ways to mitigate the impact on the workplace by administration and staff will be discussed.  There are often short-term and long-term changes to be addressed.


Parenting Through Cancer

This talk is for parents and family members who are wanting to learn some helpful information about how to help their children when a family member is being treated for cancer.  We will discuss typical child responses, behavior changes, questions they may have, how to address those questions, and ways to address these.  Also, strategies to care for oneself during this difficult time will be presented.

Understanding Children and Their Grief  

This presentation is ideal for teachers and other professionals who work with children and teens.  Participants will gain an understanding of how children of all ages experience and respond to loss, such as divorce, death, foster care or having a family member incarcerated.  Discussion will include how a professional can meet the needs of a grieving child or teen.  Self care for helping professionals is also included.


Foster Care Begins and Ends with Loss 

This workshop is for those who take care of foster children, either as professionals or as foster parents.  The unique losses of foster care  are  discussed. How to honor the relationship – however temporary – between a foster child and foster parent is addressed.  Creating rituals and other coping strategies are presented.


Creating a Trauma Sensitive Environment

This presentation is for anyone who wants to create a more trauma sensitive environment in either a personal or professional setting. The needs of those who have experienced trauma are reviewed as a foundation. First impressions, forms and assessment questions are examined.  Creating a  physical environment that reflects a sensitivity to trauma is presented.


Helping Children When Their Parents’ Divorce

This workshop is for parents who are separated, divorced, or considering divorce.  It is possible to lessen the impact of divorce on children and teens and this presentation will walk parents through some strategies and dos and don’ts.   The developmental needs of children are incorporated as a foundation of parenting from two homes as a new type of family.

One participant commented:
Just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed the Grief, Loss and Trauma Therapy Workshop on 1-26.
It was one of the very best workshops I’ve attended in quite some time.  
If your staff offers this workshop again, or something similar, please add me to your mailing list so that I can attend.
Again, thank you for a thoughtful and informative introduction to trauma therapy, in a beautiful setting.